You Can Fight Travel Anxiety With These Must-Have Apps

As the pandemic recedes, governments around the world have eased travel restrictions. This allowed tourists to pack their bags and head out for a quick getaway. However, many people suffer from travel anxiety. In clinical terms, this is called hodophobia.

Travel anxiety can include fear of uncertain situations or other challenges associated with travel. The increase in COVID-19 cases in different parts of the world has made people yearn for a return to normalcy. This only increased the anxiety associated with the trip. By doing proper research, you can lessen your fear of the unknown. All you need to do is look for reliable, science-based sources that can help you make informed decisions about travel.

Despite all this advice, many people can’t work up the courage to pack up and go on vacation. While professional help can always be sought, many are unaware that technology can also help them overcome travel anxiety. From tracking flight delays to organizing all your travel documents in one place, these apps give you a stress-free travel experience. These apps are available on both iOS and Android platforms.

TravelBuddy: Travel Buddy runs on sophisticated algorithms to match potential travelers and travel suppliers based on their interests, location and demographics. Travel Buddy shows you personalized results on your social media feed so you can make informed travel decisions.

Soar: Many people are afraid to fly. The Soar app is aimed at these people because it eases the anxiety associated with air travel. This unique app has a G-Force meter which shows the user that there is no threat to the turbulent aircraft. The app also reveals flight maintenance information.

PackPoint: PackPoint helps tourists create a personalized list of what you’ll need for your vacation. All you need to do is enter your destination, travel dates, length of stay, and activities you plan to do. If you enter into activities like hiking or swimming, the app will create a personalized packing list for you accordingly.

Trail Wallet: Trail Waller can help you manage your travel budget. Trail Wallet is a user-friendly travel expense tracker where you can organize your expenses and set a daily budget for your trip. However, this app is only available on iOS devices. Android users can use a similar app TrabeePocket.

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