Why you should plan your vacation for 2022 now

Now that COVID-19 vaccines are easier to find, more people are getting vaccinated and planning their trips. According to the CDC, just over 35% of Americans are fully vaccinated. Over time, this number should continue to increase. People are eager to leave after spending much of the past year at home. Even if you don’t plan to travel this year, now is a great time to plan your vacation in 2022. Here’s why:

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The prices go up

Now that people are feeling more secure, they are making record travel bookings. For this reason, prices have increased for hotels, flights and rental cars. Your best bet is to plan now to get affordable prices. If you wait until next year to plan your trip to 2022, prices may be out of reach for your vacation budget, and it’s still good personal finance practice to only spend what you want. can you afford.

Planning now can help secure your preferred dates and plans

Over time, more and more people will feel comfortable traveling. Expect other travelers to book trips as well. And they can try to get the same dates and plans as you want. Making your vacation plans for 2022 now gives you a head start and can help you get the vacation dates you want at work.

Earn Reward Points

If you have a travel credit card that earns points, you can make your reservations and earn points before your trip. If you’re in the market for a new credit card, opening a travel rewards card with a welcome bonus is a great way to earn plenty of points. Booking your trip now can also help you meet any minimum spending requirements.

You can redeem your earned reward points for free flights or hotel stays in the future – and you can even redeem some of your points for your trip.

It gives you plenty of time to save

For many people, the holidays are a treat. A trip may not be a cost that you can regularly afford. By planning your vacation for 2022 now, you can ensure you have enough time to save money. Putting funds in a savings account each month could result in a good chunk of change by the time your vacation dates arrive. You could also consider using vacation loans to cover the cost of your trip.

Take advantage of the offers

Some companies, keen to recover from last year’s tourism shortage, are offering discounts and deals if you book in advance. Taking advantage of these offers can be an easy way to save money on your next trip. Keep an eye out for these incentives and don’t be afraid to book for next year. Just be sure to review the cancellation policy to make sure your bookings are flexible.

You deserve a getaway

If you can’t go on a trip this year, or if you don’t yet feel comfortable traveling in the midst of the pandemic, planning for next year is a great way to reward yourself. Much of the world has been stuck at home for over a year. You deserve a break from your daily routine. Spending time away can be good for your mood and your sanity.

Now is the time to think about the future – having travel plans can be exciting. Plus, when 2022 arrives, you’ll likely be happy that you already have reservations.

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