US finance updates: how to get stimulus checks in May 2022, how to process your tax refund faster

Hello everyone and welcome to our American Finances live blog this Saturday, May 7. It might be the weekend, but we’re still bringing you the latest financial news and updates from across the United States of America.

In today’s blog, we will have various guides that will tell you how the most important US government benefit plans work and how you can apply for them. At the state level, several states still offer stimulus checks or similar programs and we’ll break these down and where they run.

We will also provide IRS tax refund updates and why they take so long in some places, especially in Georgia. There is a quick and easy tool you can use to check the status of your specific tax refund claim.

People are hoping for their tax refunds to arrive soon, as the April 18 deadline for filing 2021 tax returns is now in the rearview mirror. Also, don’t worry if you forgot the deadline and haven’t paid your taxes yet, as this can still be resolved without costly penalties. We also have guides that explain how to do it.

The latest financial updates and benefits program news in the United States

As we do every day in this space, we’ll be sure to update you on the most important benefits programs, while we’ll also have breaking news from the financial world. If there’s a major transaction underway or there’s a significant development that could affect inflation or gas prices, we’ll bring it to you here.

There really is a lot to discuss here on this Saturday’s live blog on the latest financial news from the United States, as there is every day, so follow all our updates, with the most recent the closer to the top.

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