The Genius Way Utahns Buy Luxury Vacation Rentals

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As the weather begins to cool down, you’re probably planning your next warm-weather getaway in sunny southern Utah. Many Utahns make frequent trips to the St. George area, but are growing tired of paying high rental prices every night every time you take the family. You’ve probably thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if we just had our own vacation home here?” But who has the time or money to own an entire second home all to yourself? Very little.

If there was a way to only own part of the house and use it part of the time, that would be ideal. Then your property could match your availability and budget. It would be even better if you could rent the house when you can’t use your time.

embera new Lehi, Utah-based startup is solving that problem with vacation home co-ownership.

⅛ of the house, 100% of the experience

Historically, not everyone could afford a vacation home, especially in major destinations like St. George or Bear Lake. And even for families who might commit to vacation ownership, research shows that they only use the home two to six weeks a year.

With Ember’s condo model, you can choose to buy part of a luxury vacation home, instead of all of it, and pay just a fraction of the cost. Ownership of each Ember home is divided into eight equal shares. Co-owners get more than 6 weeks for every 1/8th share they buy. Homeowners looking for maximum time can buy even more of the house. Ember offers properties for as little as $103,000 per 1/8th property.

Make memories while you’re there, rent it when you’re not

Each buyer gets exclusive access to the home during their stays and with homes designated “Ember Flex” they can rent out their time when they don’t plan to use it personally. Plans change. Life circumstances change. 6 weeks may be enough one year and too much the next. Having the flexibility to just rent out your nights and not worry about the vacant house, provides incredible peace of mind. It’s the best of both worlds.

Ember’s SmartDraft™ technology ensures that every owner gets their fair share of desirable nights every year. It’s easy to swap nights with other owners or change your plans throughout the year using Ember’s intuitive mobile app.

The Genius Way Utahns Buy Luxury Vacation Rentals
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Ember sweats the details so you don’t have to

Ember’s innovative approach to vacation home ownership promises a five-star experience from start to finish, with no hassle or disappointment. Each home is professionally designed and comfortably furnished so you can simply turn up and instantly enjoy your home. An on-site concierge is available 24 hours a day for any issues that may arise. Need some extra household supplies? Did you lock yourself in? The concierge on duty will be there in minutes.

With Ember, their commitment to your experience continues even after you leave. They maintain your vacation home so you don’t have to worry about it. The house is cleaned, the sheets are washed, the lawn is mowed and the swimming pool is maintained so that the property is turnkey and ready for your next stay.

When luxury meets logic

But the biggest benefit of co-owning a high-end vacation home in a fast-growing market like St. George is building equity. Ember homes go up in value just like other properties on the market. Unlike a timeshare, Ember homes are owned by their co-owners in an LLC structure. If you decide to sell your share later, you set the price and capture any potential appreciation. The process is simple and Ember handles the details of reselling your property and managing the closing process.

The Genius Way Utahns Buy Luxury Vacation Rentals

With Ember, you pay yourself to go on vacation, which is impossible when you stay at someone else’s Airbnb or VRBO. In addition, since you own at least 13% of the house (1/8th), your expenses are compensated at 87% thanks to the other co-owners. And with potential rental income and future appreciation, the gains even more offset your costs.

Ultimately, Ember’s condo model was designed for one thing: to help more families enjoy hassle-free vacations in beautiful homes they truly own. Start by browsing our available St George Properties and find the perfect holiday home for you. So speak with an Ember advisor to get answers to all your questions and complete your purchase. You can book your first stays and arrive home in just 24 hours. From there, it’s about creating memories you’ll cherish forever with the people you love.

Ember advisors are available to call or chat from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Mountain Time. 1-800-366-6891

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