The 8 cheapest European cities to fly this summer

From Ibiza to Santorini, holidays in Europe are hardly known for being friendly to travelers’ bank accounts. Despite this, many other cities in Europe are just as popular and charming, allowing tourists to explore the continent while spending less. With airfares to Europe becoming more affordable in recent years, medieval squares, towering cathedrals and clean beaches are no longer an unattainable dream for tourists on a budget.

As expected, low-cost airports are found in the busiest metropolitan cities, littered with tourist destinations. Let’s take a look at the 8 cheapest European cities to fly to this summer

8 Milan, Italy

Milan is popular for its location which offers good transport links to other cities in the country. This allows visitors to easily transition from touring busy streets to hiking through alpine forests. The beautiful city is cheaper to visit than Rome, much to the delight of tourists looking for an extended stay. The place boasts of azure blue lakes. Some exciting places to visit are Parma and Verona.

  • Direct flights from: New York
  • Ticket price: $450
  • Recommendation: Lake Como, Hotel Dateo Milano and Ostello Bello

7 Dublin, Ireland

Getting lots of sunshine is rare on an Irish getaway, but summer in Dublin gives tourists something to celebrate. Dublin Airport is home to RyanAir, Ireland’s largest low-cost airline, making it easy for anyone to travel across cities across the continent. With the exception of an expensive drink in most local bars, a vacation in the bustling city is friendly to any backpacker who doesn’t want to be extravagant. For music lovers, don’t miss the Summer in the City festival which takes place every year at the RDS Arena.

  • Direct flights from: New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Washington, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston and Orlando
  • Ticket price: $450
  • Recommendation: Temple Bar, Guinness Storehouse and Jurys Inn Dublin

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6 Budapest, Hungary

Looking for one of the cheapest points to get to Europe? Budapest is the best choice for budget travelers. In this city, it’s easy to bask in a luxurious experience that might otherwise be unaffordable in other cities. From imposing castles to well-preserved botanical gardens, the city entices travelers to extend their stay. Budapest’s world-class hotel spas are something no tourist should miss.

  • Direct flights from: New York (seasonal)
  • Ticket price: $300
  • Recommendation: Avenue Hostel, Prestige Hotel Budapest and Mystery Hotel Budapest

5 Madrid, Spain

Known for its rich history and vibrant culture, Madrid looks like a bargain. Dotted with several stadiums, Madrid rivals its sister city, Barcelona, ​​in an infectious sporting culture in the summer. Hotels like Cats Hostel Madrid Sol can cost as little as $21, making it very appealing to many backpackers. Plus, the local culture of tapas, cheap bites and glasses of beer, can qualify for a fun night out in Madrid.

  • Direct flights from: New York, Dallas and Miami
  • Ticket price: $300
  • Recommendation: Cats Hostel Madrid Sol, Generator Madrid and Woohoo Suites Madrid

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4 Athens, Greece

Undoubtedly, any tourist who has been to the Greek capital always has a story to tell. The city’s ancient architecture, massive stadiums and monuments like the Acropolis guarantee an unforgettable visit during the summer. Contrary to its famous history of political instability, Athens’ calm continues to attract the attention of more tourists every year. A nice money saver is the fresh food in and around town.

  • Direct flights from: New York, Atlanta (seasonal) and Chicago (seasonal)
  • Ticket price: $289
  • Recommendation: Athens One Smart Hotel and Mosaikon

3 Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal’s stunning capital continues to grow in popularity, especially for travelers looking to get the most out of their vacation dollars. Lisbon is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, offering tourists one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. The charming town is known for its amazing hotels that compete for the lowest prices.

  • Direct flights from: Chicago, Boston, Miami, DC and San Francisco
  • Ticket price: $375
  • Recommendation: GSpot Party Hotel Lisbon and Hotel White Lisboa

2 Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul has fabulous architecture that is the envy of the rest of Europe. The country’s struggling currency is the biggest contributing factor to affordable extended stays for any traveler. The country is a growing tourist attraction, thanks to its Ottoman-themed museums and a dazzling display of Islamic artwork. Seriously, there is so much to see and experience in Istanbul.

  • Direct flights from: New York, DC, Philadelphia
  • Ticket price: $375
  • Recommendation: Ramada by Wyndham Istanbul

1 Warsaw, Poland

For tourists after hot summers, don’t rule out a getaway to Warsaw. Brimming with three beautiful beaches, a craving for sand bathing and beach activities makes Warsaw an easy choice for many. the Warsaw Uprising Museum, The Royal Castle and the Galleria Forty are the best tourist destinations in Warsaw. The old town center is also a hub for local cuisine

  • Direct flights from: New York, Newark, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco
  • Ticket price: $250
  • Recommendation: Tatanka Hostel, Warsaw Marriott Hotel and Sofitel Warsaw Victoria

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