Recruitment to follow £ 4million investment in plant


It invested £ 4million in the new Cradley Heath facility in July last year to house its manufacturing departments, which produce bespoke aluminum and stainless steel products for clients in the construction industry, architecture and engineering.

Additional investments are planned at the site, mainly to install the latest cutting technologies, such as new saws and CNC machines.

Marking the company’s third facility in the West Midlands, the site was up and running in October despite challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. During this period the company merged, bringing together its aerospace and materials divisions under the thyssenkrupp Materials UK brand in order to improve operational efficiency and utilize resources from various industries.

The investment in the manufacturing plant follows a strong business case for manufacturing balconies. With the aerospace industry facing challenges due to the pandemic, thyssenkrupp Materials UK has diversified its product line to apply its in-house aerospace expertise to the manufacturing arm of its business, retaining a number of highly skilled jobs in the region. .

Partnering with an innovative company in the construction industry enabled the company to develop the first lightweight, carbon neutral MMC bolted balcony on the market. To date, the balconies have been used in residential developments in and around London, with further plans for the product to be rolled out in similar projects in Manchester and Birmingham.

The balconies are made mainly from aluminum extrusions and aluminum profile parts. The aluminum is recycled and the product therefore offers 88% carbon savings compared to traditional balconies.

The new product line reinforces the company’s ethics of sustainable development, which underpins all of its processes. A key goal in the development of the Cradley Heath site was to create a paperless factory, which was achieved through inventory management and the production of digital drawings. For thyssenkrupp Materials UK, digital transformation and sustainability go hand in hand.

The on-site services offered by the company include CNC machining, cutting, punching, drilling, welding and assembly as well as anodizing, powder coating and painting. The new facility enables products and parts to be manufactured precisely to specification in a variety of shapes and sizes, offering lengths of up to 7.3m in length, making thyssenkrupp Materials UK one of the world’s leading manufacturers. all-rounders on the market.

Building on its success so far, the company is now looking to expand the site by expanding its portfolio of innovative and sustainable projects, focusing on aluminum machining and aluminum extruded parts. The company also supports the engineering industry more broadly with various product innovations in metal fabrication, including the development of custom door hinges prototyped using 3D printing technology. .

The company currently has 30 employees who work on the machining and assembly lines while developing new projects in parallel. The company has the potential to triple its workforce over the next three years, creating 24-hour production opportunities throughout the plant.

The company is also proud to support the local community, recently aligning its global campaign to support children around the world by partnering with local charity Acorns Children’s Hospice to provide new experiences for the children in their care.

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