More capacity investment for BlueScope Distribution Hub

A $6.9 million investment in the company’s National Product, Process and Solutions Center will help deliver important projects across the country.

The custom site in Unandeera, New South Wales officially opened on May 12 this year, and the extra money will help the site’s ability to handle a wider range of steel and aluminum products required specifically in defense and mining applications.

In March this year, the Australian Federal Government awarded BlueScope a $55.4 million grant under the Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI), triggering an additional investment of $161.6 million. dollars by BlueScope and its Illawarra partners.

This investment – which will create an advanced steel fabrication area at the Port Kembla steelworks – will see the construction of a new fabrication plant to manufacture components for the renewable energy, defense and other sectors, as well as upgrades and modernization of the Port Kembla plate. Mill.

BlueScope Distribution said it secured a portion of this funding under the MMI grant to support the next phase of capability investment to strengthen its service and capability offering to support customers who will manufacture a range of assets. .

“With our customers in mind, we are proud to be working on plans to deliver the next phase of investment in cutting-edge laser cutting technology,” said Mick McPhan, Director of BlueScope Distribution Operations and National Product. , Processing and Solutions Center.

“We have listened to our customers, especially those servicing defense projects, and now adding to our existing plasma capability with a first class laser will help them grow.”

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