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FTC returns money to consumers recovered from mortgage relief scam

The Federal Trade Commission recovered $164,000 from fake mortgage relief scam in 2016 who falsely told homeowners they could be saved from foreclosure and receive financial rewards. The program was operated as Brookstone Law and Advantis Law which charged consumers $895 or more for a “legal analysis” and thousands of dollars in recurring legal fees.

The FTC sends out 2,155 checks to consumers who were harmed in the scam which must be cashed within 90 days. “Recipients who have questions about their refund, or who have not received a check and think they may be eligible for a refund, should call the Refunds Administrator, JND Legal Administration at 855-606-0653. The Commission never requires people to pay money or provide account information to get a refund.”

The consumer protection agency will, however, find it harder to do its job and collect money for consumers in the future. In April, the Supreme Court ruled that it “did not have authority under section 13(b) to seek monetary relief in federal court in the future.” The Commission is asking Congress to restore its authority to seek financial redress from consumers.

In 2020, he secured over $483 million in refunds to consumers across the country. Without its powers under Section 13(b), the FTC’s ability to prevent recurrence of illegal behavior is also compromised.

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