Haus.Me, the vacation home for perfectionists, is sustainable, smart and chic

Something so small is definitely do not Is cheap. But you probably expected it.

Haus.Me was officially unveiled in 2019, but according to CEO Max Gerbut it has been in the works since 2016. The first units were due to be delivered to customers in Spring / Summer 2020, but we all know how the year turned out. out: the international health crisis put the brakes on plans, and postponed them to 2021.

So what exactly is a Haus.Me? This is a small prefabricated house, made with a 3D polymer composite that offers super insulation, has solar panels and comes with a large battery for off-grid capabilities, fully durable and self-contained, smart, beautiful, practical, easy to maintain, and easily movable. According to the company, this is the future, as well as the first standalone luxury home in the United States.

Although marketed as “The holiday home for perfectionists”, which makes you think its use is comparable to other tiny ones, it is ideal as a permanent base. However, you can also use it as a vacation home in your favorite place, whether it’s in the mountains or on the beach, says the manufacturer. (As long as you make sure you’re allowed to have it there.)

Due to the super-insulation and small size, which makes it 20 times more energy efficient than any other American house, any Haus.Me unit can run on solar power alone, so that it does not need to be connected to an electrical network, using gas, firewood or any other fuel. If the budget of the future owner allows it, it can be made fully self-sufficient, adding gray water filtration, air-to-water generator, shower recirculation system, air filtration and whatever else you might have. need to completely exit the network. – anytime, anywhere, for as long as you want.

In addition, Haus.Me requires few permits: in most cases, owning or renting flat land will suffice, and a Haus.Me team will accompany it, drop it on site using a crane and the lathe. is played move in during the day. It’s fully furnished (including wine glasses) and its durable shell allows for multiple moves without damage, so in theory at least you could move if you had to, say, travel to another city or state to a work. You won’t be able to tow it with your family truck like you would a regular tiny house, but that’s a different story.

The unit is smart too: Everything about the house can be monitored and accessed remotely from your phone, starting with power consumption, lightning, temperature and even security. A central diagnostic system offers easy maintenance and resolution of problems before they even arise. Ideal for hot and cold climates, Haus.Me is rated against earthquakes and storms, and is deemed safe “even zombies” through security features such as facial recognition and fingerprint lock.

The interior layout is fully customizable on any unit, regardless of the model. One of the videos below shows one of those possible setups, where everything is hidden when not in use, including the entire kitchen and the bedroom sofa. The bathroom is located behind the kitchen unit and, despite appearances, is quite spacious. The point with the unit is obvious: this is a smart little home, in every sense of the word, where you get your creature’s comforts at the push of a button.

This brings us to the question of price. Haus.Me was designed from the start as a luxury unit with affordability a goal for the company in the distant future.

The company initially offered three models: the one-room mOne for two, the mTwo two-room for three people, and the three-bedroom, two-bath mFour. The mFour came with a starting price of $ 1 million and is no longer available as an option on the official website. The mOne starts at $ 199,000, while the mTwo starts at $ 379,000, and none of the prices include off-grid capacity and other extras, or any other permits your local authorities may require.

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