Fire Bob Chapek’s petition nears 50,000 signatures in just two days

In early 2020, Bob Chapek assumed the role of CEO of The Walt Disney Company following Bob Iger’s resignation in early 2020. Prior to becoming CEO, Chapek was president of Parks and Resorts for Disney.

Chapek has served as CEO during the ongoing pandemic and has made tough decisions throughout the past year and a half, including budget cuts and layoffs.

Many believe Chapek is not taking the company in the right direction and as a result a petition has been created asking the Walt Disney Company to fire Bob Chapek. And now, nearly 48 hours later, the petition continues to garner attention and is now close to 50,000 signatures.

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The petition, in part, reads as follows:

Bob Chapek became President of Disney Parks and Resorts in 2015. He has always made decisions that diminish the quality of what is put in parks, as well as decisions that favor the use of intellectual property rather than original attractions. He has always put himself and money above the product and the quality of the company.

Some of the decisions the Walt Disney Company has made with Chapek as CEO include the layoffs of thousands of Cast Members after parks were closed due to the ongoing pandemic and the launch of Disney Genie, including the new FastPass system. paid, Lightning Lane.

Bob Chapek with Mickey and Minnie
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The The petition also mentions the current president of Parks and Resorts at Disney, Josh D’Amaro, and how he has been very involved with the parks, “ensuring quality, welcoming guests and even walking through new attractions to ensure a smooth ride. high quality, ”suggesting that D’Amaro could be a good replacement for Chapek.

Bob chapek
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Although the petition is created by an anonymous user, it is clear that many agree with the petition and feel that Bob Chapek is not taking the business in the right direction as the petition continues to attract. attention.

The petition has already collected nearly 50,000 signatures. You can view the petition here.

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