Dayton passes $80 million budget with no tax increase; Questions raised over $90,000 for fishing tournaments

Dayton City Council passed its 2022-23 budget at second reading without tax increase, but increased garbage service up to $1.50 to $13 per month.

The $80 million the main budget includes $7.3 million for Dayton City Schools.

Property tax will remain at 58 cents per $100.

The routine meeting ended with a very lively discussion about the fishing tournament. John Bamber, director of Rhea County Economic Community Development, billed the City of Dayton for $90,000 for upcoming scheduled fishing tournaments which are mostly scheduled for next year.

Mayor Hurley Marsh vigorously stated, “We told him (Bamber) and told him how to do this. He has to come before advice and ask for a donation.

Mayor Marsh asked City Manager Tommy Solmon where he has been, and Mr. Solomon replied that he was on vacation.

Vice Mayor Steve Randolph offered to put the article on hold until Mr Bamber could come before advice. “Were don’t pay for a bass tournament. We will make our fair contribution to the county, but we will not pay it in advance.

Councilman Doss said they had a 10 men edge above the peach tournaments, but they only met twice in 18 months.

“A lot of the community is not happy with what’s going on with the tournaments,” noted Mayor Marsh.

Council approved an annual fee of $50,000 to the Economic and Community Development Council.

City Clerk Michelle Horton updated the Board on the paving of Old Graysville Road from the Dayton/Graysville city limits to Illinois Avenue.

Ms Horton said: “We have a extension on the grant until September 2023 and are even closer than we have been before. TDOT is currently working with Norfolk Southern as part of Illinois Avenue East their property for the railway line.

Mayor Marsh noted that they probably have to involve the city of Cincinnati because the rail line is actually possessed by the city and leased by Norfolk Southern.b “Cincinnati will never go bankrupt,” he added. Mayor Marsh is a retired employee of Norfolk Southern.

City Manager Solomon Told council that they were asking for ARP (American Recovery Plan) money for a grant to to relocate utilities on Summer City Road on Dayton Mountain.

“TDOT will widen and improve Summer City Road from Highway 30 east toward Spring City and straighten out some of the curves. So, we will have to move our water lines,” said the city manager.

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