Crave reopens on site of former Akron Savings & Loan Company

In just 15 months, the Herveys were able to transform the space from a former bank into a quality dining and event space.

AKRON, Ohio – For nearly two decades, Crave in Akron has been a community staple, serving a versatile and varied menu to its customers. But when the pandemic hit, things got tough and the owners decided to change it.

“We decided, well, you can’t have such a nice facility and not raise our game when it comes to the menu, the service, all of that,” explained Aaron Hervey, co-owner of Crave restaurant.

On Monday, Aaron and his wife Dana, who is also a co-owner of the business, reopened Crave inside the old Akron Savings & Loan building.

“When we walked into the building you could just see the restaurant here, you walked into an empty space and you see the ceilings and the vision of a restaurant just popped up,” Aaron said.

In just 15 months, the Herveys, with the help of their design team and contractors, were able to transform this space from a former bank into a quality dining and event space. And although it’s only a few blocks from its old location, Crave has certainly emerged on a new scene.

“There’s the (Akron) Civic Theater and Lock 3, which draws about half a million people a year. We have residencies above us,” Aaron explained.

“We were able to expand our event space from 40 to 100 seats upstairs on our mezzanine floor. We also have a retail wine store and we’re going to have a take-out market out back,” he said. continued, explaining the new upgrades.

But why did you decide to move? Well, the pandemic hit, and like most local businesses, the Herveys were forced to reassess and think about their future.

“This [the former location] was starting to get a bit dated and it was an opportunity to do it once, and do it in a timeless way…like I said, hopefully lead us to retirement,” Aaron said.

After 20 years in their old location, it was important for Dana and Aaron to bring some of that history to their new space, you’ll see it in their booth seating as well as their core menu items, but there’s also big upgrades like their retail wine cellar.

“It’s kind of like Crave on steroids. It’s just bigger, better, faster, uh, and prettier,” Aaron said.

The new location includes the sit-down restaurant, bars with craft drinks, a take-out market and expanded event space, in addition to the wine cellar where you can buy a bottle for dinner or take away.

Even in their new space with fancy upgrades, The Hearvys say Crave is still a place for everyone.

“You could come here before a show at the civic in a suit and dress. And you, you don’t feel weird that the guy next to you is wearing denim shorts and a t-shirt,” Aaron explained.

Crave is open Tuesday through Saturday with varying hours, but with its cozy atmosphere you’ll be sure to want to stay a while.

“We strive to be consistent and that you come out of here feeling good, feeling good about the experience and wanting to come back,” Aaron said.

For more information about Crave and its offerings, click here.

*Editor’s note: The video in the player above is from a previous report.

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