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A data analytics company called Experian India has launched a program for Indian consumers to check their credit score for free via WhatsApp. This is the first time that a credit agency in India has made such a service available via messaging. A fast, safe and convenient way to acquire credit reports is provided by this new project. Customers can use it to track anomalies, quickly detect fraud, and rebuild their credit scores. Users have more control over their credit profile thanks to this.

There are 487.5 million WhatsApp users in India, which is a big market. With this program, Experian is giving Indian customers free access to their credit information on WhatsApp so they can make informed credit decisions, adopt responsible spending habits, and reap the benefits of having a high credit score. Financial institutions are increasingly using WhatsApp Business as a powerful tool as they expand communication with customers as they introduce new goods and services. Banks are deploying bots and agents to communicate with customers through this messaging channel. Reaching financial institutions via WhatsApp has made it surprisingly easy to get loans right away.

The messaging platform focuses on fintech-based credit, retirement and insurance products. Even though the financial sector has popular apps such as PhonePe, Google Pay, CRED and Paytm among others, WhatsApp is advancing in the country and moving towards a super fintech app.

Here’s how to check your credit score on WhatsApp for free

  • WhatsApp message “Hey” to +91 9920035444 to Experian India. The alternative is to click on this link to open the chat.
  • Disclose important information like your name, phone number and email address now.
  • The Experian credit score will be immediately visible on WhatsApp.

A password-protected copy of the Experian Credit Report can be requested by users, and it will be delivered to the registered email address.

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