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  • It’s never too early to start improving your personal finances.
  • There are some financial lessons you should definitely learn in your 30s.
  • Budgeting, setting realistic goals, and tracking debt are essential to securing your finances.

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It takes a lot of time and discipline to figure out how to manage money wisely. It’s not something that happens overnight – some go their entire lives without learning how to manage their money.

While you may still feel young and invincible when you turn 30, the truth is, you’re pretty much halfway through retirement. The sooner you learn to budget, the better your finances will be in the long run.

Below are the most important financial lessons you’ll need in your 30s.

1. Stick to a budget

Most 20-year-olds play with the idea of ​​budgeting or have used an app to track their finances.

However, very few are able to stick to a budget. Once you’re 30, it’s time to start distributing every dollar you earn.

The overall goal of budgeting is knowing where your money is going so that you can make the right decisions.

Keep in mind that the dollars spent add up over time. You can spend money on fun shopping or trips, as long as it fits your budget and savings goals.

2. Leave 10-20% of what you earn for free to save.

This is another tip you should keep in mind when you are in your 30s, and it is recommended by the vast majority of financial planners.

When your payroll arrives each month, you need to know what needs to be spent for fixed expenses, variable expenses and, lastly, savings.

It is always advisable to set aside 20% of the money that comes into your checking account each month. If your income is low, set aside 10% instead.

3. Be realistic about your financial goals

Sit down and really think about your financial goals. Visualize the age at which you would like to reach them. Write them down and find out how to make them come true.

You are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down and create a plan.

For example, if you want to go on vacation to Italy, stop dreaming and come up with a game plan. Do some research to find out how much the vacation will cost you, then figure out how much money you’ll need to save each month.

Your dream vacation can become a reality in a year or two if you take the right steps in planning and saving.

4. Calculate your debt situation

Many people become complacent about their debt once they reach their 30s. For those with personal loans, mortgages, or credit card debt, paying them off just becomes another way of life. You may even consider the debt to be normal.

The truth is, you don’t have to live your entire life to pay off your debt. Evaluate the leverage you have beyond your mortgage and budget to help you avoid taking on more debt.

There are many methods of eliminating debt, but the snowball effect is popular for keeping people motivated. List all your debts, from smallest to largest, regardless of the interest rate. Pay the minimum payment on all of your debts except the smallest.

Paying off your debts will have a big impact on your personal finances. This will allow your budget to stretch further and allow you to increase your savings.

5. Create an emergency fund

If you don’t have emergency funds, you’re more likely to use your savings or rely on credit cards to pay for unforeseen expenses.

Make a plan to have enough capital to deal with any eventuality.

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]]> Will SNAP benefits for December be paid without an extension of the debt ceiling? Tue, 30 Nov 2021 21:35:04 +0000

hapabapa /

Congress is running out of time to avoid a government shutdown. Lawmakers have until the Dec. 3 deadline to raise the debt ceiling before the United States defaults on its debt (although the estimate has recently revised on December 15 by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen). Many wonder if a government shutdown will impact federal benefits in December, especially those who depend on payments to pay their bills, buy food and other essentials, and secure health care.

Government shutdown 2021: Could social security checks in December be affected?
To explore: Will Biden’s Build Back Better Plan Increase National Debt? Yellen says no

This has been particularly troubling for families who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which is the country’s most essential anti-hunger program. According to the latest government data, around 42 million families depend on the SNAP program to feed their homes. SNAP benefit amounts are updated annually based on the cost of the Thrifty Food Plan, one of four food plans designed by the USDA that estimate the cost of healthy eating at various price points.

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, SNAP and child nutrition beneficiaries face a major risk in the event of a government shutdown, primarily due to the program’s funding structure. This was evident after the month-long shutdown in December 2018.

The Department of Agriculture has asked states to prematurely issue the February 2019 SNAP benefits. Had the shutdown continued, the USDA had suggested that SNAP benefits would have been about half of those of March 2019. In addition, 5 million SNAP households experienced a gap of more than 40 days between monthly payments.

Related: Don’t qualify for SNAP? Dietary supplementation program could help the elderly to nourish themselves

However, safeguards are in place to ensure that the SNAP benefits disappear in the event of a shutdown, at least temporarily.

The USDA Food and Nutrition Service has a contingency plan in the event of a shutdown due to insufficient funds. The plan calls for continued essential federal activities and funding, such as SNAP, but that plan only covers days after the shutdown begins.

In a letter to lawmakers earlier in November, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wrote that the the federal government has until December 15 to pay its bills. After that, there are “scenarios in which the Treasury would find itself with insufficient remaining resources to continue funding US government operations beyond that date.”

Government shutdown 2021: These services will be inaccessible if the debt ceiling is not raised by December 15
To learn: How Social Security, Wage Hikes and SNAP Will Reduce Inflation in 2022

The two parts must agree on a palliative by December 3 to continue funding federal operations.

More from GOBankingTaux

This article originally appeared on Government shutdown 2021: will SNAP benefits for December be paid without extending the debt ceiling?

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Stec presents its priorities before the 2022 session | News, Sports, Jobs Mon, 29 Nov 2021 05:10:27 +0000

State Senator Dan Stec speaks with Enterprise staff at the newspaper’s offices in Saranac Lake on November 9. (Business photo – Aaron Cerbone)

SARANAC LAKE – State Senator Dan Stec will be sure to have issues to tackle when the state legislature returns to session in January, and he has already spent some of his time out of session learning and speaking of these topics.

Stec has been to the Tri-Lakes region several times this month, each time with a list of events, tours and interviews scheduled.

“I like to hike in a loop and I like to drive in a loop” said Stec, an avid hiker.

And when it comes to state issues, he tends to talk on a loop. Many of the challenges facing the state are interrelated. Some influence each other, others have similar fundamental problems.

On several occasions, during interviews with the Company, Stec asked the question, “What kind of government do we want? “ It’s a question he thinks the state legislature is asking a lot these days.

He said the state could evolve into a more government-controlled economy or a more laissez-faire economy with less government involvement. Stec said most people want an economy somewhere in the middle, so it’s a constant balancing act. He said it is difficult for the government to pick winners and losers.

But the state chooses winners and losers. The state has funded major renovations to Olympic venues, but still lacks broadband connections around them. The state strictly regulates child care providers, but has refused to regulate short-term vacation rentals.

Stec said he doesn’t always agree with state decisions, but will strive to improve the lives of people living in his district.

He was in town on November 9 and had a lot on his mind.


Stec said the state doesn’t always follow big issues well. He said bureaucracy gets people to tick a box, take a photo and move on.

He said broadband is one of those unfinished business that he believes the state has moved far away from, and is one of his priorities for the next legislative session.

He wants to remove the fiber optic tax on state highways and the state Department of Transportation’s investigation fees.

The fiber optic tax is a fee that DOT charges to allow providers to run cables along its routes.

These investigative fees were started by the DOT three years ago, he said, and the governor could call them up and end them at any time. With those fees, he said, the money the state gives to businesses to expand broadband ends up in DOT’s pocket.

This leads providers to avoid state highways, he said, creating pockets with no access.


Stec said that during the pandemic, many employers and employees realized they could work from home. He said this flexibility is helping alleviate the child care crisis, but that there is still a huge gap between the demand for child care and the supply available.

“There are six times more children who need a niche of childcare than niches available” said Stec.

There are plenty of state and federal funds available to subsidize child care, but he doesn’t think that’s a long-term sustainable solution.

He thinks the system should be reorganized so that subsidies are not needed. He also wants to make it easier for someone to become a home child care provider. There must be rules and regulations, he said, but he thinks the state can remove some of the inspections and oversights – the “Hoops” – and maintain security.

“Lower the bars that can be lowered … to increase the supply” he said.


The state has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in winter sports facilities managed by the Olympic Regional Development Authority in Lake Placid, North Creek and the Catskills ahead of the 2023 World University Games. Stec said he was not sustainable to keep spending so much on ORDA facilities, but he said this level of funding will not last forever – this is the first big improvement some facilities have achieved since the 1980 Olympics.

“Are we going to stay in the winter sports business or not?” He asked. If the answer is “Yes,” he said these improvements had to happen.

Hosting small winter games in Lake Placid is good for the area, he said. Although he doubts the city will host an Olympics again, he added: “Never say never.”

“Do you believe in miracles?” Stec’s communications director Daniel Mac Entee said, citing ABC sports reporter Al Michaels’ comment after the US hockey team beat the Soviet team in the 1980 Winter Olympics.


Stec acknowledged that housing is a big issue in the Tri-Lakes.

He said that when he was a municipal overseer he got grants for home improvement. He said that with just a little help funding a roof or furnace replacement, people can stay in their homes for years to come.

But when asked if the state should invest more money in these grants, he wasn’t so sure. He already thinks the state is spending too much money and one of its main goals is to keep spending low so that taxes don’t rise.

He said he would rather rework the money than increase the budget. Stec was asked about the frequent comparisons between state funding for things like ORDA and things like housing.

“I hear that,” he said.

But he added that the large investment in ORDA is a one-time event every 40 years. This work was to be done at the state’s winter sports venues to keep them active and bring in money and tourism, he said, adding that big events like the World University Games were spurring the state to do this work.

Short term vacation rentals

Stec said short-term vacation rentals could contribute to the local housing shortage. He also acknowledged that DOS can cause parking and septic tank overuse issues on some lakeside properties.

But he said he believes regulating short-term vacation rentals should be a local decision rather than a national one.

“I know that the city council and the village council don’t like it”, said Stec.

He said local governments should each choose what works best for them, which is different from city to city.

Stec also said he believes in property rights, but admitted he got his start in government on a zoning board, which basically tells people what to do with their properties.

Again he asked: “What kind of government do we want? “

It is difficult to say that the state should choose the “winners” and “Losers” he said.

Large Tupper

There has been a push in the past two years at Tupper Lake for the state to take over the long-lost Big Tupper ski area as the Mount Morris trail could be sold at a county auction of Franklin due to unpaid back taxes from developers. who tried to reopen it in the 2010s.

A petition calling on ORDA to manage Big Tupper, created last year by a Tupper Lake resident, newly elected city council member and former member of the Rick Donah ski patrol, now has more than 10,000 signatures.

Stec was reluctant to support ORDA with Big Tupper. He said it would add more spending to the state budget and that growing up with a friend whose father owned a private ski area he said the state had a monopoly on the industry. When private ski area owners pay taxes, they fund their competitors in public ski areas.

He said he was not totally against the ORDA running Big Tupper, but that he would need a convincing argument to accept it.

“Is this the best use of taxpayer dollars right now? I do not think so, “ he said. “We have a lot of other areas to spend money on. “

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OUR OPINION: Shopping Small will help us all – The Vicksburg Post Sat, 27 Nov 2021 14:02:58 +0000

This weekend we’ll be celebrating Small Business Saturday, the often overlooked little brother of Black Friday.

Shoppers won’t nudge each other to be the first to walk into downtown businesses, and anyone is very unlikely to be trampled on or scrambling for a scented candle or locally made pottery bowl. . Instead, Small Business Saturday keeps our dollars local.

The ease and convenience of shopping at big box stores or online retailers like Amazon is nice, but the level of service is paltry compared to that of a local business. When you order from a major retailer, you are funding the next senior vacation home.

When you shop at a small business, you are funding school supplies for the homeowners’ children. You fund the sponsorship of a small league team. You make sure that our sales tax money is regenerated locally and that local jobs can continue to be created.

This weekend, Vicksburg residents will have two opportunities to shop small and make a difference in the lives of their neighbors: Small Business Saturday, which will take place in businesses across town, and the Christmas Open Houses at the old Sundays in downtown Vicksburg.

The event, hosted by the Downtown Vicksburg Main Street program, will run from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. and will feature exclusive shopping offers for customers. The first 100 buyers will also receive a free poinsettia as a gift from Main Street.

Now more than ever, as supply chain issues loom nationwide and shortages are rampant, we can choose to buy locally and support the little guys. Whether it’s a gift for loved ones, a sweet treat or two, or a hard-to-buy gift card for the people on your list, you can find something to suit every budget. in small businesses in Vicksburg.

Stop by the Vicksburg Post office at 1106 Washington St. and pick up a few copies of our latest publications, conveniently displayed on shelves outside the door. And who knows, good boys and girls might even see Jolly Old Saint Nicholas outside if they behave really well.

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5 great alternatives to Philips Hue smart lighting Thu, 25 Nov 2021 20:00:00 +0000

The convenience of being able to control the lighting in your home is definitely a great feature. When the topic of smart home lighting is brought up, many people think of Philips Hue with good reason, as the brand offers a wide selection of smart lighting solutions.

However, investing in smart lighting for your home can get expensive. Fortunately, there are plenty of Philips Hue alternatives to consider when upgrading your home to smart lighting.

1. Lifx

Lifx A19 White Wi-Fi Smart Bulb displayed next to product box

Lifx is arguably one of the best alternatives to Philips Hue smart lighting. To get Lifx smart lights to work, you don’t need to invest in a hub. This means you can buy any of the company’s bulbs and start lighting your home right away.

There is a range of standard bulbs available including BR30, E12, E26, and GU10. In terms of brightness, the White Lifx smart bulb delivers 650 lumens at 8.5W which is sufficient for most hallways, kitchens and bedrooms. In comparison, the Philips Hue White smart bulb has 1,100 lumens, using 10.5 watts. Although the Philips Hue provides brighter light, most homes wouldn’t need it.

Lifx smart bulbs are incredibly customizable. You can choose from over 16 million colors via the smartphone app, or adjust your favorite white color temperature for ambient setting. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, Lifx smart lighting feels effortless.


From complex schedules to individual mood settings, you can capture individual lighting settings through the Lifx app. Forgot to turn off the lights before going to work or on vacation? No problem. Lifx lets you turn your smart lights on and off with the flick of your finger.

2. Kasa

    Kasa Smart Bulb, Wi-Fi Color Changing LED Bulb Compatible with Alexa and Google Home

From smart light strips to multi-colored Wi-Fi bulbs, Kasa smart lighting lets you create the perfect ambiance around your home. At half the price of similar Philips Hue offers, the Kasa Smart Bulb has one of the largest color temperature ranges for white color settings, between 2500K and 6500K. For comparison, the maximum color temperature of the Philips Hue White bulb is 2700K.

This feature integrates seamlessly with Kasa’s Auto White feature which adjusts the color temperature of your smart lighting to complement natural light patterns. Pair it with Kasa’s on / off schedule, you can save time and money by using smart home lighting.

Similar to Lifx smart bulbs, Kasa bulbs can be controlled from anywhere using the Kasa Smart app without the need for a hub. Kasa bulbs are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to easily initiate voice commands.

You can group your smart lights into custom categories or control them separately. With over 16 million colors, it’s simple to decorate your indoor lighting to suit your mood or surroundings.

3. Ring

smart bulb smart light ring

If you’ve already invested in smart Ring products, connecting Ring smart lighting is an easy choice.

Unlike Lifx and Kasa smart lighting solutions, Ring lights must be connected to the Ring Bridge. Once connected, you can control your Ring lights from the Ring app, allowing you to configure bulbs to respond to motion sensors or cameras in your home.

While Ring lighting has many useful smart features like scheduling and grouping, arguably the best feature is being able to link them to your existing Ring system for security. From path lights and spotlights to spotlights and walk lights, the moment someone rings your Ring Doorbell, you can light up the exterior or interior of your home.

The Ring A19 smart LED bulb can be used indoors and outdoors, as long as it is sufficiently covered against the rain. Boasting 800 lumens and a color temperature of up to 3500K, Ring’s smart lighting is a great investment if you’re looking for an alternative to Philips Hue. It also works with Amazon Alexa, providing plenty of ways to control your smart lighting.


ikea smart lighting remote control

IKEA Home Smart is a smart home solution that lets you control your smart products from one place. Using the IKEA Home smart remote, you can turn your lights on and off, dim the lights, and even change colors.

Beyond that, you can log into the IKEA Home smart app which lets you manage all your smart products from one place. Connect the TRÅDFRI gateway to your router to unlock many features, including voice control via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

Smart lighting from IKEA lets you customize any room in your home, from children’s play areas to cabinet lights, from kitchen light strips to LED panels. While more accessories are needed for dedicated IKEA products, smart lighting certainly rivals Philips Hue in providing a versatile range for all budgets.

The Trådfri remote control can program and change up to 10 LED bulbs at any time and can be connected to the app to create multiple groups. Set your lights to come on when you get home, or schedule IKEA’s smart lighting to dim to a lower brightness during the evenings.

5. Senglé

smart light sengled smart light bulb

Control your smart lights with or without a hub. Sengled makes it easy for anyone to upgrade their home using your existing home Wi-Fi network. It’s a truly effortless process, with an abundance of smart lighting to choose from, including daylight bulbs and TV light strips.

Additionally, if you already have a smart hub like Samsung SmartThings or Amazon Echo, you can take advantage of Smart lighting from Sengled without spending more money.

Using the Sengled Home app, you can adjust the lighting in your home to suit your mood, your surroundings or the time of day. You can set schedules through the app, changeable with the touch of a finger, ensuring your home is well-lit when you get home from work.

Sengled smart lighting definitely has a family vibe. You can set different scenes, represented by icons in the app. Here you can adjust multiple smart bulbs to make sure the brightness, color and color temperature are suitable for recess, dinner time, sleep, etc.

Light your own way

Philips Hue smart lighting may be the brand consumers flock to due to their familiarity, but there are plenty of Philips Hue alternatives.

From fancy colors to smart sensors, smart lighting can transform the ambiance of your home in an instant. And most of the time, you don’t need to spend more on a hub to get started.

Updating the Philips Hue app from the press kit
Everything you need to know about the new Philips Hue app update

Philips recently updated its Hue app with some cool changes. Here’s all you need to know.

Read more

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Mukilteo approves its budget and fee schedule of $ 15.8 million for 2022 Tue, 23 Nov 2021 22:39:04 +0000

MUKILTEO, Washington, November 23, 2021 – By 6-1, Mukilteo City Council approved Ordinance 1455, adopting City budget 2022 ($ 15.8 million portion of the General Fund) during a special meeting held on Monday, November 22. The total budget for Mukilteo 2022, including general funds, capital funds, property funds and internal services, is $ 40 million.

The decision came following a lengthy, controversial discussion last week in which the board approved changes to the draft budget and ultimately decided to postpone the adoption of the final budget for a week at the special meeting. yesterday.

The included revisions to the General Fund, approved at the November 15 meeting, are:

  • Removal of additional funding for the maintenance of dog parks: expenses of $ 22,000
  • Transfer in balance remaining in the law enforcement or fire brigade reserve fund (LEOFF) 1: income of $ 12,864
  • LEOFF Health Benefit Rate Decreased: Expenditure of $ 8,500
  • Lower rate of pay for firefighters (part of general fund): expenses, $ 14.00
  • Decreased reduction in transfers to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) fund, due to lower spending in EMS fund due to lower rate of pay for workers: expenses, $ 8,800
  • Reduction in the cut-off from transfers to the street fund: expenses, $ 20,000
  • Higher solid waste utility tax revenue: revenue, $ 13,600
  • Higher solid waste franchise revenues: revenues, $ 11,000
  • Eliminate the 1% property tax increase: revenues of $ 57,289
  • Additional police officer position: expenses, $ 55,000

Questions and comments from the board were relatively minimal, with many sharing their contributions during the five-hour meeting last week, with only board member Emery adding that he believed the overall plan and the transportation plan needed to be clarified as a one-time expense, and vice-chairman of the board President Champion voicing his opposition to approving the budget as a whole.

“I will not vote for this budget. I firmly believe that we are adding staff unnecessarily and spending special income funds recklessly and unnecessarily, ”Champion said.

Public comments on Mukilteo’s 2022 budget

After board members Emery and Champion provided their comments, the special meeting was opened for public comment.

The only comment came from Mukilteo resident Charlie Pancerewski, who recommended that council consolidate the expenses of the Rosehill Community Center into one section, including the additional $ 300,000 that is in different sections of the budget such as the public works.

In an email to the Lynnwood Times, Pancerewski also mentioned that he would like to see staff pay increases more clearly defined.

“Page four of your 2022 budget shows total wages and salaries of $ 12,474,540 compared to actual wages and salaries estimated at $ 11,197,605 in 2021, an increase of $ 1,276,935. Compared to the 2021 budget of $ 11,711,800, this is an increase of $ 762,740, ”Pancerewski wrote. “Your 2022 budget does not show how much of the increase is intended to hire more employees and how much is due to salary increases and percentage increase for unionized and non-unionized staff. Your 2022 budget also does not provide information on how the employee benefits budget of $ 4,445,350 has increased from the actual 2021 estimate of $ 4,119,061, an increase of $ 326,289.

Salaries, wages and benefits for 2022 total $ 16,919,890 out of Mukilteo’s total expenses of $ 25,047,753, excluding capital expenses and debt service. Pancerewski asked why the Council would provide and approve a budget where $ 17 million in wages, salaries and benefits does not provide a full explanation of how these amounts were determined and how or why they are different from these amounts for 2021. or previous years.

Councilor Crawford asked what could be done to provide information in the 2022 budget to explain the amounts requested by Pancerewski. Mayor Gregerson responded that she would include a list of the City’s job descriptions and salaries for each position at the end of the budget book, as the City has done in the past.

After no further discussion or questioning from the board, board chairman Kneller moved to approve the final budget, Order 1455, seconded by board member Harris.

“I appreciate the tip for having had a great budget discussion this year. I think overall it has been a very successful budget process for us and we can provide the community with some good next year, ”Kneller said of his motion.

The motion was passed 6-1 with Vice President of the Champion Council voting no.

“I’m glad there is no tax increase this year,” added Khan, a board member.

Despite the comment from board member Khan, the board last week approved a one percent EMS tax increase. The General Fund provides money to finance part of the expenses allocated to the EMS service. An increase in the EMS tax reduces the amount that the General Fund provides to the EMS. Therefore, any increase in the EMS tax is actually an increase in the income of the General Fund, because the increase in the EMS tax reduces the amount that the General Fund will provide to finance the expenses of the EMS.

Resolution of the 2022 fee schedule

After the approval of Mukilteo’s 2022 final budget, the board discussed the approval of resolution 2021-11, establishing the fees and charges for 2022 in connection with the approved budget.

There was no public comment. Board chair Kneller moved to approve the 2022 fee schedule, seconded by board member Harris.

“Like I said, I’m not in favor of an increase in fees this year,” said Champion. “There is still a lot of work to be done here and I cannot endorse it in its current form.”

The motion to approve the schedule was passed 6-1 with the Champion Council Vice President voting no.

The approved fee changes are:

  • Hourly rate schedule increased to reflect current salary amounts
  • Added clarification that for some businesses traffic impact fees may be required. This applies to city moves and new businesses that generate more traffic than the previous use.
  • Moved the language from a footnote to the main text and widened to cover any type of project
  • Section title updated to reflect the order of fee payment
  • Clarified when the civil plan review applied and added a fee for the additional plan review when more than two reviews are required
  • Deviation request moved to miscellaneous
  • Road development moved to its own section
  • Clarification that the franchise fee was an exam fee
  • Clarification of the time period for short-term right-of-way permits
  • Clarification of the types of activities eligible for type A and type B right-of-way permits
  • Moving vacation on the street in its own section
  • Addition of a section on road development, clarifying that the road development plan review fee is in addition to the civil plan review fee
  • Elimination of rainwater charges for short subdivisions (2-4 lots) and complete subdivisions (5+ lots)
  • Clarified that the stormwater management plan review fee covers the first two reviews and added a fee for additional plan review if required
  • Increased stormwater plan review fee for projects that trigger all review requirements to better capture staff review costs
  • Increased stormwater plan review fee for projects that trigger all review requirements to better capture staff review costs
  • Stormwater Management Plan Review Fee Increased Due to Inflation
  • Adding a section on street vacations and ensuring that the fee covers both street vacations and the review of proposals to dedicate private roads to the city
  • Relocation of waiver request fees, updated to better reflect actual cost of staff time
  • Fee increased for requesting deviation from development standards for inflation
  • Additional costs to cover staff time for reviewing requests for removal or modification of trees on street slopes, which includes reviewing reports prepared by geotechnical engineers and arborists. There is still no charge for examining courtesy trees outside of critical areas
  • Addition of the word “reviews” to the title of the section for land division and lot adjustments
  • Title clarified for various land use charges
  • Added a footnote to clarify that the traffic impact fee is charged per 0.01 trip
  • Ambulance tariffs increased six percent to meet rising cost of supplies and fuel used for transportation
  • Increased parking permits for launching ramps to cover staff time for processing requests

The approved 2022 budget, along with the approved resolution on the schedule of fees, is effective January 1, 2022.

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This island in the Maldives is the best for a family vacation Mon, 22 Nov 2021 14:00:00 +0000

This family-friendly Maldives island is waiting to offer adults and children the relaxing vacation they so desperately need.

The Maldives consist of a total of 1190 scattered islands across the Indian Ocean. Only 185 of these islands are inhabited, and the rest are used for tourism and agriculture. Everyone wants to visit this beautiful archipelago from its capital, the island of Malé. Before going to different islands of the Maldives, first visit its capital to discover the way of life, history and culture of the Maldives.

Below is a summary of things to do on Male Island, the best island for a family vacation.

ten Male, Maldives

Located in Kaafu Atoll and the island closest to the Maldives airport is the city of Male. The Maldives is an Islamic country; this is why the existing laws are very specific. One of the reasons that visitors should also visit Male first is to fully immerse themselves in the island. Two days are enough for this; However, if tourists want to go on day trips, it would take a week. It also depends on the tourists what type of vacation they prefer.

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9 How to get to the island of Male

From the Maldives International Airport, located on Hulhumale Island, tourists can travel directly to Male by ferry, speedboat, bus, or car. Most visitors prefer the ferry for its lower price, where it departs from the airport every 10 minutes from 6:00 am to 11:59 pm; and every 30 minutes from 12 p.m. to 5:59 a.m. The journey by bus and car takes 15 minutes to finally get to Male. These transport vehicles do not have a suitable drop-off point in Male, so expect to drop tourists off at various points on the island.

8 Restaurants And Shops

Male is the most populous city in the Maldives, so there are plenty of better places for food stops here. Recommended restaurants are Belle Amie Male, Seagull Café House, Sala Thai Restaurant, The Sea House and City Garden. If tourists are looking for souvenir shops, Malé has the STO shopping center which consists of different shops. Majeedhee Magu and Chaandhanee Magu also have several gift shops located in its streets.

7 Accommodation in Male

There are countless accommodations in Male, but the following come highly recommended: Samann Grand Hotel which is located near the shore of Male; the Somerset hotel which is the closest hotel to the main attractions of Male, the Sala Boutique hotel which gives an Asian vibe and serves Thai and Italian cuisine, and finally the Napcorner Guesthouse which is a particularly economical sleeping capsule. perfect for group vacations.

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6 Top attractions in Male

To learn about the culture and history of the Maldives, give the following attractions a chance to explain it to yourself. First on the list is the Grand Friday Mosque, the largest mosque in the Maldives. Next to the Grand Mosque is the Victory Monument which represents the bravery and victory of the Maldivians. The Sultan Park & ​​National Museum is the former royal palace of the Sultan of Maldives and houses the Tsunami Monument which was built to pay homage to the victims of the tsunami in the Maldives.

5 Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru Complex

The resort is located on Vabbbinfaru Island in Male, which offers ocean villas and private pools. Despite being a romantic seaside resort, this perfect island is a getaway destination for all ages. In addition to water sports and snorkeling sessions, there’s also a spa treatment and fitness center, including yoga classes. Customers will surely enjoy the marine sanctuary and everything in between. The price of the stay here is justifiable by the accommodation, activities and services.

4 Angsana lhuru resort

In addition to the beachfront villas, dive deeper into Maldivian culture with cooking classes offered at the Angsana Ihuru resort. If tourists want to learn to dive and get a PADI license, Angsana Ihuru is also opening its dive center for everyone. The biggest attraction here is the Angsana Ihuru Marine Conservation Lab, perfect for bonding family. It encourages the planting of corals to restore damaged reefs. Any guest can participate in this meaningful activity.

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3 Activities in Male

After stepping back in the history of the Maldives, the following activities will surely bring tourists back to the present. Day trips are not just about visiting different islands and swimming. Besides going from island to island, tourists can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and the highlight of day trips, dolphin watching at sunset. sun throughout the cruise. An additional activity is the barbecue trip, where tourists can savor the local taste of Maldivian barbecue style.

2 Submarine tour

Since tourists have chosen the Maldives as their vacation destination, they might as well end the tour by sinking into the waters of the archipelago. The Maldives Dive Site offers an underwater tour which is a unique way to explore aquatic life underwater. No other vacation destination offers such tours in Southeast Asia. Tourists don’t have to worry as this is a safe ride under the sea.

1 Nightlife in Male

A travel destination is not a “destination” without the nightlife experiences, well, at least for some, especially those traveling with friends. Get a chance to visit the world’s very first underwater nightclub. The Subsix at Per Aquum Niyama Private Islands Resort has large windows to view sea creatures underwater while partying. This place is open to all tourists to the island, so never miss this chance and experience a memorable nightlife 20 feet below the ocean.

FOLLOWING: Seychelles vs Maldives: check out these real tourist photos to help you decide where to go on vacation

An aerial view of a city in Delaware with the Delaware River

Delaware certainly isn’t boring: TripAdvisor’s top things to see and do

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Key to Door County key to offense: Packers will rely on running back / tour promoter AJ Dillon against Vikings | national Sat, 20 Nov 2021 22:50:00 +0000

GREEN BAY – AJ Dillon was a little worried.

While the Green Bay Packers running back was thrilled to be honored by the residents of Door County for all he has done to promote one of Wisconsin’s most beloved vacation destinations – to the point where Dillon’s social media campaigns were starting to look like a second unpaid job. – he didn’t want last Sunday’s performance in his real job to ruin the already anticipated honor he was about to receive: the “key” to Door County, presented to him by the folks at Destination Door County at their annual meeting in Jacksonport on Tuesday.

“It’s a good thing I had a good game because it was already planned,” said Dillon, who had 128 yards and two touchdowns on 23 touches in the 17-0 win over Last Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks at Lambeau Field. “I’m happy to have played well and we won. It was a great way to celebrate.

As dedicated as the second year was to boosting tourism to the area north of Green Bay – he was introduced to Door County by his fiancee, Gabrielle Toonen, and his family, who have a vacation home there – the role of Dillon in this Sunday The game against the Minnesota Vikings at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis will be just as vital in boosting the Packers’ offense.

That’s because Dillon will be the leader of the Packers with Aaron Jones sidelined with the knee injury he suffered against the Seahawks. And with number 3 running back Kylin Hill already on the end-of-season injured list with the knee injury he sustained against Arizona on October 28, Dillon will be asked to shoulder much of the load. with only one other running back on the roster with experience in the system – Patrick Taylor, who made his regular season debut in the NFL after Jones fell.

“He’s a good boy,” Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said of Dillon, a Boston College second-round pick who was third fullback last season behind Jones and veteran Jamaal Williams. “He works really hard. He improved in every area he needed to become a full back.

“Smart kid. Tough. I mean, he went through some unblocked guys in his two touchdown runs (against the Seahawks), so there’s not much more to say than that. a guy who has become very, very reliable.

He also became exactly the type of intimidating runner the Packers envisioned. At 6 feet and a muscular 247 pounds – Packers fans surely remember the buzz his famous quadriceps created during his rookie training camp and afterwards – Dillon is the type of bruises and hard knocks that the defenders do not want to fight, especially as winter approaches.

“Remove his legs. That would be my advice to everyone. You have to have him before he leaves, because he is a great man who runs downhill, ”helpfully offered Packers safety Adrian Amos. “I always tell him to lose weight, but when you look at him you think ‘Where are you going to lose weight?’ He’s just built like that. It’s not like he’s fat or anything like that. How you weigh 250 pounds and move like that, he’s just different that way. It’s going to get colder and colder and I’m glad he’s part of my team.

The Packers took Dillon away knowing Jones and Williams were in the final years of their rookie contracts, and while many questioned the wisdom of using his first-round pick on future quarterback Jordan Love, the manager Packers general Brian Gutekunst saw the quintessential Green Bay running when he watched the Dillon college movie. Durable, difficult to tackle, and able to absorb plenty of blows – in three seasons at Boston College, Dillon carried the ball 845 times – Dillon is not only the perfect complement to the elusive and sudden Jones, but he does. isn’t unreasonable to think he should be given as many touches as Jones.

In 10 games, Jones carried 123 times for 541 yards and three touchdowns while catching 37 passes (second only to Davante Adams on the team) for 298 yards and four touchdowns. Dillon carried 97 times for 421 yards and two touchdowns while capturing 16 passes for 196 yards and one more score.

NU-Wisconsin Pre-Game Sightings: RB Rahmir Johnson, S Deontai Williams out;  see the full list of trips

It’s those final numbers that are perhaps the most impressive since Dillon has only caught 21 assists in his entire college career – not that you would have known by looking at him on his 50’s catch-and-run. yards against the Seahawks.

“I don’t mean to say he’s come a long way – but he’s come a long way – because I don’t want to discredit what he was able to do before,” Packers coach Matt LaFleur said . “It’s not a hit on him. It’s just that it’s so much more detailed. But I think that goes for a lot of young players. I’m just very happy to see his progress.

“He’s so multidimensional as a half-back. He didn’t have a ton of opportunities at Boston College in the passing game, and he’s proven time and time again to be a very reliable receiver. I think he did a much better job learning to run in his league, in terms of running behind his pads, lowering his pad level, really delivering the boom.

“He did so much good he did.”

Adams added, “He’s playing really well. I can’t wait to see how he ends the year.

While Dillon obviously deserves most of the credit for his improvement, LaFleur praised running backs coach Ben Sirmans for accelerating Dillon’s development. Now in his 10th year as a coach in the NFL, Sirmans, a holdover from Mike McCarthy’s staff, trained former St. Louis / Los Angeles Rams star Todd Gurley and was instrumental in Jones’ development. and Williams, who were both instant contributors as rookies in 2017, as the Day 3 draft pick.

“You hate to say the sky is the limit and put that kind of pressure on a guy, but I really think he has the capacity to be one of the best full backs in this league,” Sirmans said of Dillon. “If that arrow keeps pointing in the right direction… For a guy his size who can make the cuts he can make, he’s a lot faster than people think, and then when he drops his pads, he can move people. He has good hands. When you combine all of these different traits, it usually results in a guy who will be very productive down the road. “

For now, however, Dillon is focused on the route to Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles – and Wisconsin Highway 57, which takes him from Titletown to his home away from home virtually every day off that he takes. To.

“In the summer, I practically live up there unless I train elsewhere. Almost every time we’ve had a day off I’ve been riding, I would say, for the most part, ”Dillon said. “My routine is to (enjoy) Victory Monday, try to get on AC Tap and get victory wings. (Then) Al Johnson’s for breakfast. I can go on and on for days with this.

For Dillon, who grew up in Connecticut and went to prep school at Lawrence Academy in Massachusetts, everything seems to suit him perfectly. He’s immersed himself in the area – he even went so far as to buy himself some Packers stock when the offer began on Tuesday – and plans to live in Wisconsin for life, even after his football career if it is. completed or if it ends somehow. play elsewhere in the future.

“The plan is that whatever football is and wherever it takes me or doesn’t take me I’m going to be a Green Bay guy for life,” said Dillon, who was almost a Midwest long before the Packers did select him, having first committed to playing in Michigan before opting for Boston College. “Yes, sure, it can be in the future. And certainly a mayor somewhere.

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Plan Your World Bucket List Tour Fri, 19 Nov 2021 08:11:42 +0000

Have you finally made the decision to take that long delayed vacation on the to-do list? If this is the case, it is essential to do a detailed planning to make sure everything goes smoothly. This is because these one-off excursions tend to include faraway destinations, last over a month, and cost more than a typical summer trip to the beach.

The key to make the most of the experience writes a step-by-step itinerary that includes pre-trip packing details, budgets and precise planning. For multi-country tours, you’ll need to do a lot of coordination to make sure passports, visas, plane tickets, and rail passes are in order. Here is a more comprehensive review of how to get started.

Research and map it

Bucket list trips require careful and detailed planning. Keep in mind that the event is your only way to make the best vacation of your life a reality. This means hours of online research on local conditions, costs, food, culture, history, and more. Do your best to plot a day-to-day itinerary, leaving a few times open for side trips and last minute changes.

Also consider what to plan for at home while you are away. If you are taking an extended trip, you will want to make sure that you don’t miss a beat considering things like maintaining the garden while you are away, communicating with loved ones, and making arrangements for pets you leave behind.

Pay for it

Plan Your World Bucket List Tour

For most people who are embarking on a unique travel experience, cost is the primary concern. Not only are airfares currently at an all time high, but other necessities like hotel accommodation, taxis, train tickets, short-term storage of personal effects, and restaurant meals are required. expensive additions to the budget of a big trip. The good news is that there are creative ways to cover bills without breaking the bank.

One common way is to sell unnecessary life insurance policies for cash. Through a quick and easy process called a life settlement, any insured can find a third party acquirer for their policy and turn it into money in a few days. Find out everything you need to know about selling a life insurance policy through a life settlement with a comprehensive online guide. The simplicity of the settlement process will surprise you.

Smart Pack

Plan Your World Bucket List Tour

Packaging mistakes can turn an otherwise great event into a nightmare and costly one. Check out online resources and join forums with people who have spent time in the same place. You will discover dozens of smart tips on what to bring and what to leave at home. Most travelers around the world offer the same advice for newbies to pack less stuff than you think you need.

Better to miss an item or two than to bring too much. Most carriers charge by weight these days, so traveling light means a lower total bill.

Videos, newspapers and social media

Plan Your World Bucket List Tour

Decide early on if you want to keep a video or paper trail of your trips. Some people think that the filming and writing, even the occasional social media post, prevents you from fully enjoying the experience. Don’t alert large numbers of people of your exact travel dates, or you’ll become an easy target for thieves who scour social media for addresses of long-term travelers.

It is often rewarding to keep a simple record of your daily activities while shooting short videos on a smartphone or using a high quality digital camera to capture photos for later use.

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Supervisors set priorities for the coming year • Paso Robles Press Wed, 17 Nov 2021 18:39:21 +0000

Between budget and staff, priorities are discussed for next year

SAN LUIS OBISPO – The San Luis Obispo Supervisory Board met for a regular meeting on Tuesday, November 16 at 9 a.m. Vice-President Bruce Gibson chaired the meeting in the absence of President Lynn Compton, who was due to arrive shortly in the Gathering.

The meeting opened with the approval of the consent agenda with three items taken from the agenda for their own presentation. All items were approved 4-0.

Following the Consent Agenda, Council heard a presentation recognizing November as “National Adoption Month” in San Luis Obispo. Last year, 42 adoptions were finalized or about to be finalized before the end of the year. However, there are only 100 foster families in the county for almost 300 youth in foster care, and more specifically, the county needs families willing to care for school-aged children. Anyone interested in getting involved can visit

Go through this together, Paso Robles

The next two presentations were to proclaim November 2021 as “Thank Veterans Month” and a resolution to recognize the San Luis Obispo Veterinary Center for its service to the Veterans community.

President Compton returned to the meeting as they discussed board business, starting with a review of the 2022-2023 budget goals and policies. The objective of this plan is to ensure that the programs created have the necessary funds to continue throughout the year. The next budget update will take place in mid-February, when it is analyzed to see where the actual budget lines up against forecast. The Council had the opportunity to give its opinion on the priorities of the budget. Economic development and housing in the county were brought up by supervisor Debbie Arnold, who asked that this be a priority as an ongoing project but which must remain on the list. Supervisor Gibson brought forward a motion to accompany staff recommendations as well as economic development and housing, with a focus on infrastructure and water resilience. The motion was carried 5-0.

Point 37 was intended to orient staff to the priorities of the Board in the coming year. This article sparked a great deal of discussion around rural camping and what many loosely refer to as the “Trendy Camp Ordinance”. There has been plenty of public comment from residents who use rural camping as a way to maintain their farms and retain family ownership, especially during drought years when crops and livestock are not doing well. Conversely, there were comments from neighbors who had concerns about rural camping and concerns about campfires and the threat to the area.

Items that were discussed to be a top priority were the continuation of level one projects, the Craft Distilleries Ordinance, Small Urban Wineries and the Change in Ordinance from Guest Ranch to Guy, Bill 9 of the Senate, the implementation of the Los Osos habitat conservation plan, the withdrawal of the owner -Restrictions on acts of occupation for ADUs, programmatic environmental update on cannabis, review of council regulations advisory committee, rural camping and coastal vacation ordinance.

Ultimately, after much discussion, Supervisor John Peschong came up with a motion to approve moving all items for approval outside of the programmatic RIA for cannabis and the revised advisory board statutes. The motion was approved 5-0.

Next, Supervisor John Peschong moved approval of the Programmatic EIR, which was voted 3-2 with Supervisors Debbie Arnold and President Compton in opposition.

President Compton brought forward a motion to approve the revised advisory board statute, which was passed 3-2 with Supervisor Gibson and Ortiz-Legg in opposition.

The next meeting of the Supervisory Board will be the special redistribution meeting. The meeting agenda will be posted on the district website when available at,-Agendas-and-Minutes.aspx.

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