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Have you ever needed a pair of sandals in the middle of winter for a beach vacation or a thicker coat in early summer for unusual weather? Those who live in parts of the country that experience all four seasons may know this common shopping dilemma as an “off season” purchase. Traditional retail stores will generally not have this type of merchandise to purchase during these dead timesso what are you doing?

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Thrift stores are a great option. Unlike regular clothing stores, they are not governed by strict seasonal guidelines. You can find a sled in mid-June or a whole swimwear section in January. In fact, it’s one of Lady Krazy KouponFriperie’s best shopping tips, as the famous blog put it: “The best deals are for clothes that aren’t in high demand right now.”

Also, not everything is second-hand. Sometimes people who are just trying to clean out their closets donate unworn clothes with tags still on to thrift stores, and various retailers with excess merchandise can do the same (they get a nice tax break for doing so ). Either way, thrift stores have a fantastic and unique selection of clothes, shoes, and more. many flock to shop in order to save money and even stay fashionable.

CNBC recently reported on the “resale revolution” that is taking over the retail market, with even high-net-worth buyers taking part. The activity became more popular during the pandemic as many needed ways to save money, with savings increasing by 15% in 2021. But it quickly became a real hobby for many people who love life. find a lot.

As such, resale is expected to grow 80% over the next five years, with total sales topping $289 billion, according to CNBC, citing data from a trade report by OfferUp. They also found that 82% of Americans said they shop thrift stores.

Not only are there big savings to be had – CouponFollow has found that buying used items can save shoppers around $150 a month or so. $1,760 per year – but many savvy shoppers have used it as a way to get their hands on desired luxuries at a fraction of the price. It’s a practice that has become increasingly popular with Gen Z.

So if you really want those Versace sunglasses for that beach vacation, but don’t have the budget to buy them new, a resale store is a great place to look.

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Here are some helpful tips for off-season second-hand shopping:

  1. Shop at multiple stores. Because thrift stores all have unique items, depending on what people choose to donate, you’ll want to visit multiple locations to find what you’re looking for out of season. In addition to traditional spots like Goodwill or Salvation Army, there are also popular resale spots like Plato’s Closet, Buffalo Exchange, and Crossroads where people tend to make deposits.

  2. Shop often. In order to get the best deal, you’ll want to “keep an eye out” for items, especially if you have time to shop (i.e. your winter beach getaway isn’t for six weeks) . Resale stores have a steady influx of new merchandise they need to release, so they will continually discount items if they don’t sell. Pay attention to the special color tag or daily deals to see what’s further reduced on the day you shop.

  3. Shop ahead for children’s clothing. Kids run out of clothes so quickly that reselling is a smart way to keep up with their rapid surges. If you have a six-month-old in June and want to move up the purchase of a new winter coat when he turns one, a thrift store is a great place to plan ahead.

  4. Shop like it’s Christmas in July. With the way the years go by, the holidays are always here before we know it. But rather than paying a premium for holiday decor in November, start looking during the summer months at a thrift store. The same goes for Halloween, Easter and more. Even back-to-school deals can be found in the summer just when school ends.

  5. When you’re done shopping, donate. After you’ve stocked your cupboards with all the products you need for the coming months and need to make room, you might consider donating your surplus to a thrift store. In the same way that they sell seasonal merchandise throughout the year, they will also accept any kind of donations every 12 months of the year.

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