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Almost a third of Europeans cannot afford a week’s vacation in one of their domestic or foreign destinations, which is devastating to Eurostat. To make matters worse, Croats grossly exceed that average. More than 60 percent of them cannot pay vacation. Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary found themselves in the same society.

This is due to poor living standards, low incomes and high costs that do not leave much room for holidays. Psychologists agree that the worker needs a break from work and a break from the work environment. It is a prevention of fatigue and illness, but also a valuable tool for effectiveness, although most employers do not experience it.

Banks offer non-purpose loans for holidays

Banks offer non-purpose loans for holidays

However, financial experts say that there is always room for maneuver in the budget, it just needs to be sorted out. They propose that a vacation financing plan be devised. The most important thing is to determine the amount of money you plan to spend and then decide whether and how much you want to spend on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Planning allows you to book your vacation in before the storm hits and prices go up in the sky. Discounts are far higher for both airline tickets and arrangements themselves if booked several months in advance.

However, if this is not an option, there is always the option of vacationing in installments. Croats are known for not giving up their winter and summer holidays, even if it is in installments, despite the bad weather. Travel agencies allow you to pay in monthly installments by credit card. Many of them work with banks and credit houses to help with the cost of the holidays.

Card companies have interest-free vacation loans

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The holiday loans themselves are not exactly present in the Croatian banking market. Instead of a holiday loan, banks offer non-purpose loans with short repayment periods. This type of lending is subject to the same conditions as any other loan, which means that banks are checking the creditworthiness of clients. In translation this means a thorough check of finances and the involvement of the employer in the whole process. And most workers don’t want it.


Many, therefore, opt for interest-free credit card lending instead of such holiday loans. The interest free option usually involves an extremely short repayment period. Some of the card companies have special offers for vacations made with travel agencies.

Holiday loans are on loan


Credit companies lend to the financial market for summer holidays. They recognized potential customers and adjusted their business to market needs. They offer specialized holiday loans that are basically characterized by a short repayment period and a smaller sum of money. Clients opt for this type of loan because they are not able to cover their holidays in the usual way, but do not want to miss the opportunity to rest.

They opt for domestic and foreign destinations alike, because in most cases even travel abroad is more favorable than domestic. This is primarily because it travels to low-cost companies and there are a number of different types of accommodation available for all financial opportunities. In addition, the so-called. first minute and last minute deals where you can save a lot and go to a much desired destination.

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