Loans without Permanent Employment

The job market is very risky. Each of us has at least once faced with a layoff or bad business, resulting in halved salaries or the number of employees. Despite the wave of emigration and the lack of manpower, many find new employment without being able to get an indefinite contract immediately and become currently creditworthy. Employers offer fixed-term contracts, part-time contracts, work through student contracts, undeclared work, extension of probation and the like. This reduces the loan-seeking maneuver, at least when it comes to banks.

Loans without permanent employment – what is the attitude of banks?


Banks operate on the basis of a risk assessment, which means that anyone who is a part-time employee is at greater risk than a full-time employee. The fear that their contract will not be extended and thus have no money to settle their debts is something that banks are not ready to bear. Especially when it comes to employees who have only been employed for a few months. Only under certain conditions do banks issue loans without permanent employment. Loans without permanent employment are available to workers who have a minimum of 12 months of fixed-term employment in the same company. Such strict conditions limit the number of workers who can apply for loans without permanent employment.

Loans without permanent employment – what is the attitude of credit houses?


Lending companies have better adapted to the needs of the market. Given that a third of Croatian employees have a fixed-term contract, they have thus increased the list of potential clients. They have loans without permanent employment in their offer. These are non-purpose and short-term loans that cover everything from budget holes to unplanned expenses. Their biggest advantage is that they can be obtained very quickly and even faster.

There are no unnecessary complications and side-effects in the whole story. There is no involvement of employers and submission of certificates, administrative bans and similar requirements. Sufficient proof of financial soundness are the current account card, ID card and the last three payroll.

How to get a loan without permanent employment

 How to get a loan without permanent employment

The realization of loans without permanent employment in credit houses goes exclusively online. You can immediately forget about going to the branches and waiting in long lines. The whole procedure is maximally facilitated, all with the aim of paying out money as quickly as possible. As soon as there are no unnecessary steps, the realization can be completed in one day. The request is approved after checking the documentation, and the contract is signed by downloading from the site. It does not have to be certified by a notary public, which saves money in addition to time. Loans without permanent employment , if all is well, are credited to the account within 24 hours of applying.

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