Borrow money via payday loan quickly and easily at low interest rates

A bank loan is an unsecured loan. You can borrow money online, up to SEK 500,000 without security. Here at us, you will find a summary of loans, interest rates and loan terms at various banks. Click on the link to the respective bank and you will come directly to the application page where you fill in your personal information and apply for a bank loan directly.

Frequently asked questions and answers about loans

  • Question: How do I apply for a loan?
    Answer: Select a bank from the list above. Click on the link to the bank and fill in your loan application directly on their website. The bank goes through your application and you are promptly notified if you have been granted a loan or not.
  • Question: What information do I need to fill in to make a loan application?
    Answer: You will need to complete some basic information about yourself and your finances. You will not be asked what you want the money for.
  • Question: How much money can I borrow?
    Answer: You can borrow up to SEK 500,000 with some banks that are part of our comparison. Popular loan amounts include: SEK 15,000, SEK 25,000 and SEK 40,000 .
  • Question: When will I receive my money?
    Answer: From a few days to some banks, up to a week with others. Read specific terms on each bank’s website.
  • Question: How do I get my money paid?
    Answer: The money is either transferred to the bank account that you specify in your application, or they are paid out via a payout receipt sent to you.
  • Question: What can I borrow for?
    Answer: It’s all up to you what you need the money for. For example, you can solve other and more expensive credits, borrow for a boat or car purchase, for house renovation or home furnishings. It is optional.

Borrow money over the Internet

A strong trend, which has been evident in the Swedish loan market for quite some time, is to borrow money over the Internet. Many borrowers clearly prefer this way of taking a loan over the traditional way. By traditional means is meant to visit different banks and other lenders in reality. At the bank you speak with a loan advisor and can then apply for a loan at the bank. This can take a lot of time, not to mention the effort, but to borrow money over the Internet is much more flexible, for several different reasons:

Saves time

Visiting one, or even several, different banks is of course time-consuming. You have to get there, often wait for their turn, sometimes make an appointment in advance, and so on. Submitting a loan application via the net, however, eliminates several of the most time-consuming steps with a “regular” loan application, and therefore saves the vast majority a lot of time. If you are in a hurry, or if you simply think that it takes too much time to apply for a loan otherwise, you should, therefore, consider an online application instead.

Saves effort

However, it is not only quicker to apply for borrowing money over the Internet, compared to the more traditional application method, it is also much easier, just because you avoid all the “unnecessary” moments. In addition, the applications used on the Internet have in many cases been scaled off to make them easier, which also helps to make network applications easier to manage. If you find that ordinary loan applications are too cumbersome, then net loan applications can be preferable to you.

You can easily compare many loans

This is good, as few consumers from the beginning know which is the cheapest loan of the kind that interests them, or which loan really suits them the best. Therefore, it is good that nowadays it is easier than ever before to check how well different loans stand in competition with other loans, to find the best loan and so on. There are lots of automatic services that can help you check this out, for free, so why not take advantage of this when you are still applying for a loan?

Get cheaper

Just because the possibilities of comparing the different loans with each other in a better way are better online, for many people who choose to take loans online is much cheaper to do this via the internet as well. The cost aspect is therefore also an important reason for many to choose internet loans over more traditional forms of loans today.

More people can find suitable loans

In the past, it was often the case that one could not get a loan at all if, for example, had a low income, had payment remarks and so on. Thanks to the net loans, however, it does not have to be so long. Instead, more and more niche lenders have begun to take a seat on the Swedish loan market, which means that more and more people, including those who previously had difficulty obtaining loans, can now get a loan online without major problems. Do you have a problem of this kind, therefore take search engines such as Google helps to find a lender who can even give you a loan?

But the safety then?

The reason why many people find it somewhat uncertain to borrow money over the Internet is of course that one wonders if this is really safe or not. However, this is actually something of a “non-question” today, since all lenders operating in Sweden today, and having a license to conduct lending activities (which all serious loan companies have, of course) must meet a number of security requirements. In addition, many of the companies know that this is so important for the customers and the borrowers that they are investing a great deal in this, which means that they are even better at safety than what is actually required of them.

It is also common that the work they do with safety is described on their websites, so many people who are concerned about the security aspect feel a little better at ease when they read through these descriptions. If this is something you feel less sure about, we recommend that you read a little about how exactly the lenders you are interested in work with encryption of sensitive information in connection with the application and other security aspects before you submit an application.

How to borrow money over the Internet?

To be able to do this, you must go to the online lender website that you want to take out a payday loan from. You should, therefore, start the process of doing some research on which lender may be suitable for you. This can, of course, be done in several different ways, eg. via the loan comparison services that we mentioned earlier, via search engines and so on.

When you then know which lender suits you best, you go as mentioned on this lender’s website. There you usually find an application form already on the first page of the site. Simply fill in this form with details of both yourself and the loan you want to apply for, to apply for your bank loan. Some lenders may require you to identify yourself with eg. e-ID or Bank ID so that you do not have to fill in debt securities or similar later. If this possibility exists, it is advisable that you do this, as this can speed up the loan process a lot, and make you get the loan paid faster.